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Te Tahawai Marae Patere

E karanga mai ra e te iwi Manuhiri nau mai haere mai ki te marae tapu o Te Tahawai e
Ko wai te Maunga ra Ohuiarangi te Maunga heke iho ki te Awa o Tamaki

Ko Ngai Tai te Iwi
Aue hoki Aue!


Te Tahawai Marae is a fully equipped marae complex. It has a fully carved and decorated wharenui. Cultural programmes providing understanding of carvings and maori designs and giving some insight to maori customs and culture are delivered by experienced tutors.

The marae is able to accommodate up to 60 people for day hui or seminars and it can accommodate up to 30 people for overnight stays.

The marae has a well equipped kitchen for all hirers. Gas top hobs and electric ovens, refrigerator and large chiller in the outdoor kitchen area.

There are separate men and women’s bathrooms, with toilet, basin and shower facilities.

Te Tahawai Marae Komiti

Te Tahawai Marae is situated on the grounds of Edgewater College, Pakuranga. The development of this marae from its inception in 1984 until its full completion in 1996 was the result of years of dedicated and collaborative effort between members of the maori community of Pakuranga and members of staff of Edgewater College.

Te Tahawai Marae Komiti, the Incorporated Society that manages the marae, has provided the leadership, management and vision for the Marae.  Throughout these years, the Komiti has been supported by both Maori and non-maori members of the community, Edgewater College staff and local community leaders.

In its management of the Marae, the Komiti is guided by 3 main principles of its constitution.

That Te Tahawai Marae is used to;

  • Support and enhance learning for youth, maori youth at Edgewater College in particular, and youth in schools throughout the area.
  • Provide opportunity for sharing traditional maori values and customs across the community as a means of achieving cross-cultural awareness.
  • Provide a place for urban Maori to visit, stay and express themselves as Maori through Maori language (te reo).

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