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Te Tahawai Marae offers educational programmes for students ranging from pre-school level to tertiary groups. The programmes are delivered by tutors, who have a great deal of experience in working with the various levels of students who visit us and who are expert in their knowledge of tikanga maori (maori traditions and beliefs) pertaining to this marae.

Programmes are 2 hours long and include the powhiri process and a series of activities exploring the stories behind the carvings, panels and designs of the wharenui. The delivery of this information is through interactive and dynamic activities including, song, art & craft and basic Te Reo Maori.

Perhaps the most important idea that is conveyed through these programmes is the 'aroha' that is extended to our visitors who wish to learn more about tikanga maori, our beliefs, our customs and important ideas. The marae becomes a place of learning where cultural sharing and understanding is paramount.

All charges below are GST exclusive.

Te Tahawai Marae Education Programmes:

  1. Bookings for 2 hour visits for Educational and Cultural purposes will be available, 
    Mondays to Fridays or by special arrangement.
    2 sessions per day; 9.30-11.30am and 12.30-2.30pm.
  2. Some session times can be changed due to changes in travel and traffic.  
  3. All groups visiting the marae for 2 hour education programs  
    $65.00 marae charge per session am and pm + $270.00 per session for 3 tutors 
    please note: 3 tutors are necessary to fulfil the Powhiri process as well as deliver Tikanga Maori, a mixed content of maori arts, including some weaving, poi making, Waiata and Ti Rakau. 
    Some activities may not be available due to weather (weaving with flax).
  4. Each session is capped at 50 Students maximum.  All extra children charged at $5.00 per child. 
  5. Please note, some activities noted are not always appropriate for some age groups. Please discuss with the Education Programs Administrator when booking a program.
  6. No charge for up to 10 supervising adults.
    Extra adults $10.00 each.
  7. Schools on the Marae are available.  Please send your enquiry to the Education Programs Administrator.

Malia Hehea
Cell: 0224316236

For all in enquiries please fill in the booking form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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