Community use

Te Tahawai Marae is a pan-tribal marae. It allows maori belonging to iwi from outside of Auckland to gather in a place where maori traditions are valued and upheld. It is a place where Maori gather to be Maori as they celebrate important events or grieve the passing of loved ones.

Community, sporting, corporate, Maori and non-Maori organizations, may use the facility as a meeting place.

Non-maori groups, of all cultures, who wish to experience maori customs and traditions first hand, may visit this beautifully carved and decorated marae on arrangement. 


Community hire:


Special conditions apply for tangi. Please contact the Marae Manager for details.
Phone: 09 577 0409
Mobile: 0272 036 825

Day hire:

$150.00 per half day: 8am - 12pm, 12pm - 4pm, 7pm - 12pm
$300.00 per day 8am - 4pm  

Or as arranged with the Marae Manager.

Cultural Programmes:

Adult and Tertiary Cultural programmes lasting 2 hours are available for groups up to 35. Two experienced marae tutors deliver these sessions.

The Powhiri process will be followed by a variety of interactive activities that are centred on maori culture and customs. These can be tailored for the group and can include, study of the carvings and maori designs, waiata, and flax weaving. 

Group rate:

$100.00 marae charge +$200 tutor fees


All bookings for community use of the marae should be referred to the Marae Manager.

Phone: 09 577 0409
Mobile: 0272036 825

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